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About Groupon Goods Global

posted this on August 28, 2013, 16:27

About Groupon Goods Global

Groupon Goods Global GmbH is a Swiss company that buys and sells products (such as electronics, home furnishings, clothes, etc.) throughout the world. If you purchase goods from Groupon Goods Global, your contract for the supply of those goods will be the Groupon Goods Global terms of sale.


About the products sold by Groupon Goods Global

Q: Are the products sold by Groupon authentic?

A: All the products sold by Groupon Goods Global are authentic, and have passed our tests of quality assurance.


Q: Will the item have a manual included in the package?

A: Yes, there is always sufficient information included with the product to ensure that you can use it. 


Q: Are the products sold on Groupon CE marked?

A: Yes, everything that we sell on Groupon is compliant with all relevant legislation. If you have any concerns, please get in touch.


Dispatch and deliveries

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll send you an email confirming your order details and delivery address information. We’ll also send you a separate order dispatch email once your order has been shipped. Once you’ve got that second email, you should receive your order within three working days.


Tracking my order

If your item is being tracked, you’ll be able to find tracking information in your dispatch email. For more details on the list of carriers we use, please click here



To make a return, you can use our Online Returns Centre available from your Groupon account. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Groupon account, and go on the My orders tab.
  2. Find the order you want to return and click on ‘Click to return’
  3. Select an option from the Reason for return menu, and then add any additional information in the Returns Details box.
  4. Click Continue, then Print Shipping Label to print the return shipping label
  5. Follow the instructions on the Shipping label and place the label outside of your package. 

 To view the entire Groupon Goods Global GmbH returns policy please click here.


Can I return any product from Groupon Goods Global through the Online Return Centre?

Certain large and bulky products such as mattresses, bedding and furniture cannot be returned through the Online Returns Centre. Please contact our customer services team for alternative return methods.


I have returned the item without printing my returns label from the online returns centre, or have not included a returns label.

Groupon operates a returns service for all of our Groupon Goods Global GmbH products. This service allows us to track the item from the moment you drop it off at the post office to the moment that we receive it. Unfortunately if the item is sent back without the returns label provided by Groupon, we are unable to track the item. In such instances, if the item is not received by Groupon we are unable to provide a refund.

If you have returned the item and have tracking information, please send us the tracking number and the service used. For example:

Service used: Royal Mail
Tracking number: ABC123

Using this information, we may be able to locate your item.

If the item has been sent without tracking, we cannot provide any guarantee that the item will be received and a refund processed. As per our returns policy, in order to return an item to Groupon you must use our Online Returns Centre.


I've returned my item. How soon will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be processed within 30 days of the request for a refund.


Specific policies to note for returns:

While the fine print of a deal will always identify if a product cannot be returned, below is a list of products that may have returns or other limitations.


Specific reasons

Baby Goods

All baby items need to be returned in original and new condition. If, upon inspection, the items appear to be used, worn or without tags, Groupon Goods will not be able to process your return.


Mattresses & Bedding

For hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns on any opened mattresses or bedding. Bedding items include duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, etc.


For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on any pierced body jewellery such as earrings.

Food, beverages & flowers

We do not accept returns on perishable items such as food, beverages and flowers.

Clothes, Shoes & Watches

Clothes must be returned unused and in a resalable condition with all tags. If, upon inspection, clothes appear to be worn or without tags, Groupon Goods cannot accept the returned item(s). Additionally, we cannot accept returns on certain types of clothing such as underwear, swimwear and control wear for hygiene reasons.

Health & Beauty

Due to hygiene and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns if the seal on the item has been broken, or if the item has been opened.

Furniture – outdoor & indoor

We are unable to accept returns on any self-assembly products that have been partially or fully assembled. We try to provide accurate measurements on our deal page and we are unable to accept returns where furniture will not fit through the doors at the delivery address. Products must be undamaged and unused.


Books can be returned in new condition.

CDs & DVDs

We cannot accept returns on CDs, DVDs or software programmes if the plastic wrapping and/or security seal has been broken. Additionally, we cannot accept returns for digital content once that content is provided to you.